Smart DMS

Smart E-Document Management System is developed in PHP and backend by MSSQL, its an powerful and user friendly E-Document Management System that collects all the files of your organization under a single point storage. It has user level access and no data is lost or mis-used, the files can be exported to Excel, Word, XML, TXT file formats. All we need to access the application with a decent internet connection, its an web-based online E-document Management System.

Salient Features

  • Online Web-based Document Management System.
  • Privileged user level of access.
  • New Users can create account, system administrator defines access level.
  • Each users can have their profile defined with photo and other sharable information about them to the fellow staff across the organization.
  • User can take small daily notes and can schedule it.
  • Two search functionality: Simple & advance search [creator, issuer, user details, copyright, document number, document name]
  • Filterable document listing under main and sub category
  • Easy & stylish navigation
  • No archive of documents, hence keeping the system tidy.
  • Export of data to Excel, Word, XML, TXT file formats.
  • Email page available to email a page to either to us or to the other fellow staff or friends too.
  • Departments equipment and material inventory system


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