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Smart Purchase Order System

September 18, 2013 by admin

Smart Purchase Order System

Our Smart Purchase Order System is a user friendly and easy navigation and developed to meet the requirement of purchasing process in single go. We have AP module, Inventory module to support the process.  Its very secured & multi level privileged access for the users can be set. It has multiple company & branch-wise access.Our Smart Purchase Order System is an online and can accessed anywhere from the world all we need is a computer with decent internet connect. Defective goods return [purchase returns] an also updated against the PO and adjust against the invoice payment. It reduces process time & improves your operation cycle. Inventory, supplier details can be well maintained. Various MIS and Customizable reports are provided for displaying purchase order information. The reports are useful in anayzing supplier performance.

Salient Features – Smart Purchase Order System

  • Add New, Accept, Decline purchase orders & supplier invoices online by 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
  • Set approvers [Department/inter departments].
  • It has the full cycle of purchasing process and it’s been in a online application.
  • Email Alerts [Communication] between PO raiser, approver & supplier/sundry creditor through regular email communication through our application.
  • Customizable Terms & Conditions.
  • Purchase Order Accept, decline can be done through online.
  • Customizable MIS.
  • Multiple Company & branch-wise [SBOs]
  • Recurring Purchase Orders possible.
  • Secured & privileged access.