Timesheet Application

Timesheet Portal is offered through our channel partner and owned by Anfold Software Ltd, a UK Company. It features a very friendly user interface and has a lot of features which help you optimise your payroll and project management processes by centralising your data, providing automation of manual processes, integration with payroll software and a large variety of reports..

Timesheet features

Timesheet Portal replaces your existing paper based system and gives you even more. Timesheets are submitted by workers online, and if required, can also be approved by their manager. Take a look at the summary of timesheet features below:

  • Enter time in hours or in days
  • Create custom rates (e.g. overtime, night shift, etc)
  • Create rates based on days of week
  • Auto convert total hours per day to man-days worked
  • Enter notes in the timesheet for the work performed
  • Timesheets can be approved once or go through multiple approvals
  • Automatically split weekly timesheets into separate month timesheets
  • Emails sent when timesheets submitted/reviewed
  • Possible to submit by text message
  • Full audit history of timesheets – dates of submission, approval, etc
  • Availability of mobile phone enhanced timesheet submission web pages

Employee Leave Management

  • Send leave requests for holiday/sick leave.
  • Manage leave allowances and carryover leave from year to year.
  • Configure different calendars, e.g. for different users working in different countries
  • Run reports to instantly see when your resources are away.
  • Graphical calendar can be viewed by all employees to see the status of their colleague's availability

Online Expenses Submissions

  • Online expense forms allowing employees to enter their expenses amounts for different categories of expenses
  • Expenses and expense forms can be associated with projects or internal work
  • Receipts can be uploaded and stored online
  • Expense forms can be approved by the employee's manager
  • Keep administration to a minimum by allowing employees to use Timesheet Portal to see when they have been paid.
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