E learning service

E Learning Service

E-Learning is one of the methods for providing value educations and learning with the use of computer and a decent internet connection. We can say that E-learning method has changed the whole traditional method of learning sitting in a classroom. We truly understand the growing need for an interactive learning experience for the students/staff to provide with high quality e-learning interactive experience using the latest technologies. Our e-learning programs can be made tailored to suit your company requirements; we provide quality training at a very competitive cost and will within your internal budget. We have a strong and energetic staff in the fields of Instructional designing, graphic, software professional to put in their best efforts to create a superior product which meets your company standards.

Niryuha E-Learning provides custom eLearning solutions, corporate learning, blended learning method, and with high quality support. We use software including flash, dhtml and java script to embed your course structure with 2D and 3D animations. We also help you in using simulations which would help users to test their own abilities in the real scenarios and to add we develop games/quizzes/puzzles as a part of the course program to make the e-learning a more interactive and interesting. We provide cost-effective solutions to meet organizations/institutions/individuals/ e-content publishers/book publishers. We also focus on the high quality in customer service to provide an engaging and effective eLearning experience.

Every word we penned are from professionals who are from a vast array of industries and job functions.

  • Course Design & Development
  • Graphical representation [Animation, Cartoons]
  • Blended Method of Learning

Course Design & Development

Our ID Team designs and structures an effective, informative Storyboard document which make the e-learning course more effective.


  • Extraction of contents from books, articles for developing an Storyboard for E-Learning data.
  • Games/puzzles/Quizzes Design Document
  • Bassessment creation
  • Course Content Development [hiring the best SMEs [Subject Matter Expert] in the respective field Medicine, engineering, real estate, finance etc.]
  • Graphic & Animation, cartoons, designs required for the above elearning

Graphical representation [Animation, Cartoons]

Latest market trend in E-Learning suggest that effective content is becoming highly attractive, lively and interactive. We use technologies such as Flash, DHTML, and JavaScript to keep your content attractive. We develop engaging 2D/3D graphical designs [animations, cartoons] for your e-learning requirements.

  • Creation of images/animation/cartoon from original.
  • Character Development for Cartoons, with different view and expressions
  • Animation/cartoons – 2D and 3D
  • Animation/cartoons – Special Effects for Videos/Movies, etc
  • Games/puzzles Design Document Development with ID [Storyboard]
  • Game/puzzles Background sketch/drawing and UI development
  • Games/puzzles Character graphical Design and Animation
  • Game scripting – HTML5 / JS
  • Application backend support for marks submission and results
  • Audio/video editing, mixing, background scoring, compression, format conversion, special effects, etc.

Blended Method of Learning with Interactive sessions

Blended learning uses digital learning tools at intervals a room setting wherever students square measure face-to-face with one another and their teacher. Alloyed Learning will use simply a number of digital tools or it should use a large array of tools, courses and resources. These digital learning tools square measure a part of the provincial Learning Management System. Unlike e-learning categories wherever students aren’t in a very ancient room with their teacher and classmates, alloyed learning happens at intervals the context of a face-to-face

  • Level 1 – Application with simple page nation & navigation [simply moving the pages] of the course without any interactive elements.
  • Level 2 – This level contains limited interactivity, and also include graphical representation [simple animations and with examples].
  • Level 3 – This level contains high interactivities, simulations, quizzes, puzzles and other game-based learning features with graphical representation.


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